The Charm of Silver

The discovery of silver properties has ancient origins. Already in ancient Greece people noticed that families in which utensils in silver were used for eating hardly got sick and the infections were rare.Since that time this knowledge has been handed down among the rich families who reached, after some generation, immunity from every infectious illness. For this reason the royal families were called "blue blood" because their blood had the characteristic bluish shade given by the small traces of pure silver.

Among the end of the 1800 up to 1938 in America they prescribed the colloidal silver as a treatment for a lot of illnesses and infections like arthritis, herpes, influence and a lot of others, because is a natural antibiotic.

Under normal conditions the silver is unalterable, but to the contact with ozone, solfidric acid and traces of present mixtures of sulphur in the air, it oxidizes and assumes yellow, bluish and black reflexes.To resolve this problem in our frames we use a special treatment to keep silver safe from stains. In other products like bracelets, rings or items usable in the kitchen this treatment is not used to maintain the silver properties.

fascino dell'argento


Another important property of the silver is the conductivity of heat, in fact it was often used for pots or casseroles in the kitchen because is conductor of heat, nontoxic, fungicide, and it doesn't surrender or absorbs flavours.

So we recommend to use it for health, for the joy of eyes, your guests and, above all, because the more you’ll use it, the less it will get dark.

Silver, noble metal par excellence.


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